Horseback Riding on Hackers Hill 2015

Hello Groupon customer!  Welcome to Carousel Horse Farm’s Groupon information page.  We have developed this page in light of the many customers who often don’t understand or forget that Groupons have limitations and expiration dates.  In most cases you got it as a gift and have no idea what it is!  Here we will explain the best practice of making a reservation, how to use your Groupon after it’s expired and who can use the Groupons.


Groupon Reservations

  1. Are required.  Its best to use the form on the website, this gives us a communication trail in case of rescheduling and we can immediately confirm your ride because we have all of your details.
  2. You must Provide the 8 digit bar code number on your Groupon voucher at the time of reservation.   This number can only be found by opening up “My Groupons” in your groupon account and “viewing” the voucher.  If you purchase after you’ve made a cash or credit reservation, then you must call back to change it.  If you arrive with a Groupon you could be turned away and have to try to reserve at another time if our requirements for using them have not been met.
  3. Do not wait to make reservations the last two weeks before the expiration date.  If you do, be flexible and be willing to ride on weekdays as well as weekends.  These weekends generally fill up a month in advance.
  4. Do not wait to make your reservation because you want to see the weather.  We ride in any weather that is safe.  This includes light showers and snow.  If you make a reservation and cancel with 48 hrs notice then you can reschedule anytime before the expiration date on your Groupon.   If you do wait it out, willing to ride if the weather is right and we call to cancel, you may get to use your Groupon at its full value after the expiration date.
  5. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice you will not be able to make a reservation with your Groupon again.

Groupon Expiration Dates Explained

  1.  All Groupon discount values expire.  This is the amount that I agree to discount in order to offer these deals.  I offer them in our off-season only.
  2.  It says the “Promotional Value Never Expires”.  This means that, by law, we cannot take the money you spent on the Groupon without rendering services for it.  So if you paid $35 (sometimes Groupon does “sales” so it could be less), for your Groupon, then it is worth that toward the same service after the expiration date.  
  3. We have a very generous Expired Groupon Redeal program for anyone who misses out on using it before its expiration date.  You can read about your options here. Groupon ReDeal

Groupon Restrictions at Our Farm

  1.  No one under 10 years old or 4’2 can use a Groupon.  Children under ten can accompany the group at full price and only if trails are in exceptional condition.  “Difficult” conditions will result in a cancellation of the whole group if children under 12 are part of the group.  Unsafe conditions will be cancelled for everyone.
  2. We will only accept 4 Groupon customers per reservation.  It does not matter how many groups or families are involved, if you want to ride together then it is one reservation.  We can take up to six and sometimes eight people at a time, the remainder must pay full price.
  3. Weight restrictions are enforced for horses’ health and rider’s safety.  Also for proper use of equipment.  Weight limit for Groupon customers is 240 lbs.
  4. All children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.  Riding double on the same horse is not allowed per insurance regulations.
  5. Equipment limits our ability to take more than 2 children under 4’6″ on the same ride.  

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