Carousel Horse Farm FAQ

 What you need to know

In order to comply with insurance restrictions and our own safety protocols we have a description here of who can ride and what to expect when you get here.  We have also outlined our refund and cancellation policies.

Who can ride at Carousel Horse Farm? 

Age requirements to horseback ride:

Children 8 yrs old and up can do the beginner and sunset rides.   Only one child under 8 per ride and no more than two children under 11 per ride.  We reserve the right to reschedule groups with children for any safety reason without a refund of the deposit.

Riders 12 yrs and older of any experience level can ride on any ride we offer.

Weight requirements to horseback ride:

Beginner and Sunset rides have a weight limit of 260 lbs.

Two hour rides are limited to 240 lbs

Horseback riding equipment and Releases:

All riders must wear ASTM certified horseback riding helmets.  We provide them at no additional cost or you can bring your own.  No other types of helmets are allowed.

A liability release must be signed by each rider or their legal guardian before the ride.

Other ability requirements to horseback ride:

All riders must be able and willing to understand and follow the guide’s directions before, during and after the ride.

We cannot accommodate physical limitations that effect a rider’s ability to mount, unassisted, from a two step mounting block.

Riders who may have high anxiety or other health issues that may restrict their ability to follow directions when participating in a experience that requires new and physical skills should take a riding lesson before participating.

What to bring horseback riding:

Wear clothes that will not interfere with your ability to hold the reins and move your arms.  Wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather. Riders should not wear shorts or any pants that come above the knee.

Long pants, below the knee, and solid shoes are required.  Sneakers are fine but no flip flops, open toes or open heels.

Bug spray and suntan lotion that you apply before horseback riding.

You will not need your purse or bags of any kind unless you require medical emergency items.  If so, all bags must be able to be carried on your back and hang above your belt line.  These bags cannot weigh more than 10 lbs.

You can bring your phone in a zipped or closed pocket.  You cannot use your phone along the ride or anytime that you are mounted on your horse.  Please turn your phone off.   Your guide will take photos at the end of the ride, before you dismount, with your phone.

Confirmation E-mails

You will receive confirmation e-mails with all of this preparation information after your reservation and a few days before your ride.  Please make sure to read this e-mail as it will be updated with current policies.  Please share it with everyone in your party so that they are all prepared to ride on your special day.


Carousel Horse Farm FAQ

Carousel Horse Farm Policies

 What you need to know

Cancellations, Refunds and Tipping



If a customer needs to cancel their reservation please try to do so at least 72 hrs in advance for a full refund of your deposit.  If a customer cancels between 72 and 24 hours in advance they are welcome to reschedule or forteit their deposit.  Anyone who cancels under 24 hrs will not receive a refund.  We will happily reschedule as long as there are openings available when the customer wants to reschedule.  No shows will be charged full price and not receive a refund.  If there is a verifiable reason for the no show we will try to accommodate a reschedule.

If Carousel Horse Farm cancels for any reason, which can include but is not limited to, weather, trail conditions, labor, injury to horses and we cannot offer another ride time on the same day, then you will first get a chance to reschedule to another day if you’d like.  Otherwise we will refund the deposit.  Carousel Horse Farm can cancel as late as two hours in advance which is the normal amount of time on days when bad weather is supposed to start or end near the ride time.

Specialty rides and large groups.  All large groups that require an extra guide or extra preparation are non refundable.  The deposit will be kept if cancelled for any reason.  So please make sure you’re large group has some flexibility on the same day or for a few days after in case of weather or trail condition issues.  We will always do our best to get your ride in.  The deposit can be credited toward other rides on other days in the future as well.

If you are traveling further than two hours to come ride with us and you are limited in time during your stay, please call before leaving your home to find out the likelihood that we might cancel.  Especially if you know the weather may not cooperate.


I include this section because customers often ask.  It is customary to tip your guide but it is not required.  Typical tips vary from $5 to $100 depending on the lenght of the ride, the size of the party and, of course, the amount of satisfaction you get from your guide.

Carousel Horse Farm Policies