Horseback riding program

What is FRP

We offer a package plan for regular riders of all levels who would like flexibility in their times to ride and lots of trails to ride on!  If you have considered a horse lease only to find that a fixed amount a month doesn’t make much sense when the weather, family and other factors could limit your riding time to less than four days per month then this might be the plan for you.  This is for trail riders, we don’t offer lessons or ring time riding.  This is an ideal program for local riders, seasonal vacationers or those who visit family here often.  By purchasing a block of rides that never expire at 50% off our regular price you are getting the best deal anywhere to enjoy horses and the Maine woods together.

How FRP Works

Each “hour” is good for any one hour ride, despite its cost.  (i.e. Pears Ice Cream Ride is $65 per person but you would be able to use your $50 value FRP credit!) 1.5 to 2 hr rides are worth 2 “FRP hours”.  Etc.  Rides have to be filled with other paying customers or with a minimum of one other FRP rider during regular business hours from 10 to 3 each day.  Some exceptions will be made outside those hours such as Sunset Rides or if you fill a ride with other paying customers.

Basic FRP Details

1. No expiration date and they are ready to use as soon as you receive them.  Discounts are guaranteed,  Each year services can be changed or added and each season they can change so be sure to keep updated with our newsletter and by checking our Facebook page and homepagefor News.

2.  You can have one guest per ride.  They will use the hours on your FRP program at the same rate that you do.  If you want to ride with more than one guest at a time, the additional guests must pay full price.

3.  50% off our hourly rates for a beginner ride ($25) and our 2 hr ride for beginners or advanced riders ($50)  These “hours” can be used toward any of our seasonal specialty rides (Fall:Sunset Rides/Winter:Winter Wonderland Ride/Summer:Pears Ice Cream Rides).

4.  No holiday restrictions.  The only limitation is that we reserve the right to cancel if we cannot fill the ride.

5.  Reserve any time, day of ride and last minute reservations are fine.  All are subject to availability.

7.  Cannot be used with other discounts or deals.

8.  These are completely transferable as gifts or due to injury or health issues.  No refunds.

9.  FRP participants must be 13 years or older.  Please read website for age, weight and other restrictions before purchasing.   Read the requirements section

10. Please visit our FAQs for cancellation policies and other pertinent information.


Horseback Riding on Hackers Hill 2015
Hackers Hill 2015

Specialty FRP Rides Just For You!

You can participate in all of our regularly scheduled rides, from beginner, seasonal and intermediate. Specialty rides are also available for those riders that participate regularly and would like to take a different trail from time to time.  These rides are limited by a minimum of two riders and of course safety conditions of the trail, horses, guides and weather.  After hour and away rides may be cancelled if they are not filled with at least 4 riders but that is at management’s discretion.  August and September are often after hour rides and our beach and benefit rides are off-premises.  On our extensive trail systems we will plan two hour rides on our lesser used trails when conditions are right just for our frequent riders.  We will send you e-mail updates once a month letting you know that you can participate on a brand new trail you have never been on, such as Quaker Ridge, Nuns Farm Loop, Jugtown and the Blueberry Barrens.  You can also use this toward beach rides on regularly scheduled days.

FRP Package Prices

Lite Rider $300

12 one hour rides or 6 two hour rides in any combination and e-mails about specialty rides.

Moderate Rider $550

24 one hour rides or 12 two hour rides in any combination and e-mails about specialty rides.

Full Time Rider $800

36 one hour rides or 18 two hour rides in any combination and e-mails about specialty rides.