Please NOTE: Maine Beaches are not open for beach horseback rides from April 1 thru October 1st.

Pine Point Beach Horseback Rides

WE NO LONGER OFFER GROUP RIDES at Pine Point.  Private rides are available.  Pine Point Parking lot is the meeting area for beach rides in Scarborough.  It is located on Avenue 5 in Scarborough.  Beach Permits are required and must be obtained from Old Orchard Beach or Scarborough Town offices and riders must have them affixed to their jackets before the ride. They are $20 each
Use this beach permits application

Popham Beach Horseback Rides

Popham Beach does not have a permitting process at this time so there is no additional charge. The beach horseback rides are still scheduled within 3 hrs of low tide.  There is a parking fee of $6.

Dates Available

Popham is generally open to horses from October 1 through March 31. Pine Point is open October 15 through March 31 and requires a permit for $20 from each rider to be paid to the town. You will need a driver’s license to get your permit and they are open Saturday mornings at the town office between 9 and 12. You can get your permits at OOB Town Office or Scarborough Town Office. They are good for the whole season if you decide to ride again. It is your responsibility to get your back number and pin it to your jacket before the ride.

Low Tide

We are limited by low tide. We must go three hours before or after low tide which means if its in the evening or the morning we are limited to how much time we have to ride on the beach.

To help plan your beach horseback ride check the tide chart to plan your trip to the beach!

All Beach Horseback Rides by Reservation


We will offer beach rides during the times that Popham and Pine Point are open, We are only taking reservations from individuals and going any day that they choose.  We certainly will attempt to fill the day if there is room around the time of the reserved ride.  We will inform customers through our facebook page and our e-mail list about available days and times.


The price is determined by our time preparing the horses and packing the trailer, the drive time to the beach and the prep time at the beach before and after the ride. $500 is our minimum just to make the trip. We offer this price to any individual or group up to four people. So it is $500 for one person, and $500 for four people. It is not per person.  Each additional ride after the first reserved ride is $125 per person with a minimum of $350 per hour.

Horseback riders and kite boarders on the beachGroup Size

If you have a group larger than 4 people we will split the rides into 4 people per group, the rides are an hour or so.   We will also stop for pictures on your phone.  Remember we are limited by low tide, so often we can only fit about 3 rides (or 12 people) in if low tide is before 10 a.m. or after 3 pm since sunset is around 4 most of the winter months.