Carousel Horse Farm 

Maine Guided Horse Rides 

Beginner Ride at Carousel Horse Farm

2024 prices $80 per person

Our 45 minute to one hour beginner Maine guided horse rides are our most popular rides for all level riders over the age of 8.  Special circumstances for 6 and 7 yr old but only 1 child under 8 and only two children under 11 are allowed per ride.   

You can be on a horse for the very first time or have experience and this ride will not disappoint.  It is a walk only pace through woods and fields with a gorgeous view of Mt. Washington on a clear day.  Wildlife abounds and our little wooded area just behind the barn is a virtual nursery of baby fawns, fox, fisher cats, wild turkey and many other species.  This ride is also known as the Fall Scenic Ride and the Winter Wonderland Ride depending on the season

Maine Guided Horse Rides

Sunset Horseback Ride at Carousel Horse Farm

2024 price $125 per person

The sunset ride covers the same trail as the beginner ride except we plan the trip to get to the top of the hill with the best view as close to sunset as possible. Our Sunset Maine guided horse ride are appropriate for ages 8 and up  who are at least 4’5″ tall.   All level riders including first time riders will enjoy this ride.  Book this horseback ride during May and June for the best sunset views.  Book in the summer to beat the heat.  And book in the fall for the brightest fall foliage experience.


Sunset Horseback Ride

Private 2 Hour
Maine Guided Horse Rides

 2024 Price $400 for up to 2 people, $150/person over that


The 2 Hour Private Trail Ride is the only one that takes you down into Jugtown Forest where you will find sandy wide logging trails that meander through a working forest and Nature Conservancy Land.  A brook crossing where you can hear and see small waterfalls and sometimes local brook trout and rainbow trout riding the current.  This ride is offered privately so that more experienced riders can opt to ride at a faster pace at the guide’s discretion.  Riders must be 12 yr old or older.  Offered May through November as trail conditions allow.


Private 2 Hour Maine Guided Horse Rides

Group 2 Hr Ride at Carousel Horse Farm

2023 Price $160 per person

This trail ride is 2 hrs long and conducted at a walking pace only.  These rides are only offered two days a week so we are more likely to fill them.  There are challenges along the way such as steep hills, bridges and water crossings.  You can be a first time rider and enjoy this ride but make sure you are up to the challenge!  This ride is not ideal for young children or adults with anxiety or other fears toward horses or terrain.


Group Horseback Riding Tour

Lesson/Trail Ride at Carousel Horse Farm

2023 price $125 per person

This trail ride starts out as a short lesson in the riding area so that you can spend more time learning the basics and what to do when the guide gives you instructions during the ride.  Ideal for those with anxiety or for younger riders that have never been on a horse before. The trail rides still has nice views of the mountains and a varied trails of woods and fields.


Horseback Riding Lessons Saco, Maine

Horseback Riding at the Beach

2023 Prices (Oct and Nov) $600 Minimum up to 4 riders

Beach Rides are available in the late fall.  Maine beaches are not open to horses between April 1 and October 1 each year.  We do not book these rides until September.  All rides must fall within 3 hrs of low tide on any given day and at least one hour before sunset.  Additional fee to enter the park is $6 per person.  We only book these rides by phone but you can use the contact info below to get started with questions.


orseback Riding at the Beach