Sleigh Riders Please Read

This form is for Sleigh Rides Only.   We will only be taking reservations on the Wednesday before the weekend you want to do a sleigh ride.  We will make appointments based on the weather and trail conditions at that time.  Times may be flexible within an hour.  Dress for the weather, the waiting area is outdoors with a fire to stand around.  Private sleigh rides during the week are available and can be reserved further in advance by this same method.

Before You Make Your Reservation

Please read our “Trail Rides” page requirements section before making your deposit.

Groupon Customers!  

2018 GROUPON HOLDERS. Trail rides and sleigh rides are canceled indefinitely until the ice on the trails has either been melted completely (this will take quite a few warm days or rain in the wooded areas) or a snow storm of 8 inches or more comes along. Looking at the 30 day forecast its unlikely, even if we get a large storm of snow, that is will last very long with little or no base underneath it, so opportunities so sleigh ride or trail ride if ice is still down will be a very small window after the storm. Due to this we will be extending the expiration dates on all Groupons. Please read closely and make sure you know what type of Groupon you have, especially if it was given to you as a gift.

The Winter Wonderland Trail Ride will be extended to June 10, 2018. Weekends only, except April Vacation, we will definitely do Wednesday during that week and possibly up to two other days as long as the weather and trail conditions are good. We may also open Memorial Day, Monday but will only decide if the three day forecast says the weather will be good that day. We have a continuous Groupon Redeal program every year, where you can use your Groupon last minute (within 24 hrs) to fill an existing ride during the summer months which allows you full value after its expiration date. More details will be here and on our website as we approach summer.

SLEIGH RIDE Groupon Holders will be extended to the last weekend in March 2019. Reservations will only be last minute, within three days so we know the weather and trail conditions. And weekends may be limited, we will announce that at the beginning of the 2019 season. Sleigh ride Groupons can be exchanged for trail rides in the summer months. A Group Sleigh ride Groupon for two is worth $30 toward a $130 trail ride for two and so on. A Group Sleigh ride for four is worth $60 toward a $130 trail ride for two or a $260 trail ride for four. Just to give you an idea of how it would work. Remember to use the on-line reservation form to make a reservation with a Groupon. 

Please Click here and read this before making your reservation.

Payment Policies

 Cash reservations are dependent on arriving 10 min early, if you do not arrive by then or call by then to let us know you are running late you may forfeit your ride to anyone that might walk in.  We will do our best to put you in later in the day but this is not guaranteed.

Credit cards are now accepted at the farm.  We do charge a $5 per person convenience fee.

Refunds will not be given if a rider arrives improperly dressed or unable to ride for any reason.  All discounted coupon deals are for ages 8 and up.
Faster rides are not guaranteed to be fast, guides discretion for the safety of all.