Sleigh Rides in Maine


Sleigh RIdes at Carousel Horse Farm


We will not be offering the large horse drawn sleigh this 2019/2020 season.  Read below for the couples sleigh information.



Is there enough snow?

 Reservations can be made for private couples sleigh rides on the Wednesday before the weekend you want to go on your sleigh ride or three days before a weekday ride.  Please do not reserve before that time.  We have to know the weather and the trail conditions before accepting sleigh ride reservations.

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The Private Couples Sleigh Ride

The small red sleigh is for Couples Sleigh Rides only.  This quiet, private ride is a great way to enjoy your anniversary, Valentine’s Day or propose!  But it can’t be beat for a way to reconnect with your loved ones on any day for any reason. This ride is 30 minutes long, has a view of Mt Washington and we stop for photos along the way.

  •    Monday through Friday – $150 per couple.
  •    Saturday and Sunday- $175 per couple

sleigh rides


Group Sleigh Rides


Sleigh RIdes at Carousel Horse Farm

These will not be offered for the 2019/2020 season.


The Sleigh Rides Route

Sleigh rides will begin as soon as we have at least two storms equaling 8 or more inches of snow. The sleighs will travel through our property and along a wooded trail out to the back pasture with a great view of Mt. Washington.  We will circle the pasture and make several passes for the best views of the mountains.  We often see deer and wild turkey in our pine grove too!  Weekend rides last approximately 20 mins.  If you’d like a longer ride you can reserve outside our regular hours at our normal rates.


Need a Place to Stay and Sleigh?

Wolf Cove Inn stays open all winter long and will help you set up all of your winter activities in the area.  Visit their site at or call for a reservation in their beautiful Inn by the lake in Poland.


Carriages, Wagons and Wagonette are available on farm and off for special events.  

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